Zingal Riche Premium

Our mission

To follow closely all developments and trends in the men's fashion sector and to meet customer demands and expectations at the highest level.

Our vision

To create a brand for people self-confident, who know the quality very well and who follow fashion trends very closely.

Our visionWe started our journey in the textile sector in 1950. Starting with perfect workmanship and excellent production quality, this journey continued with original designs in line with customer expectations throughout the years. At the same time, to follow the trends of the world men’s fashion, enabled us to increase our recognition in both local and international markets.

As a result, we collected our activities under the ‘Zingal Riche’ brand in 1995 and got our place as an important player in the sector. At present, we offer our collections, which we have prepared with high quality and without compromising the principles of our mission, to the end consumers in concept stores and corners located in 3 different continents, in European, Asian and African countries.

To see increasing demands from international markets make us very happy as a sign of applying the right production and sales policies.